Friday, 11 July 2008

my week

Here are some bits & pieces to report from my week:

On Saturday my friend eleanor hosted a clothes swap party where we each took along some unwanted items of clothing and then had a rummage in the BIG pile that accumulated for some new bits. As you can see I came home with a few lovely pieces. I especially like the green/blue top & conveniently matching belt.

On Monday I sat down to watch a film and managed to cobble together this little fella:

The pattern is courtesy of Annalisa and as you can see my attempt doesn't look all that much like her example. I think he'll do though (and Derek mentioned that he reminds him of a certain someone mentioned in my previous post).

I went home to visit my family this week and my mum gave me this wonderful picnic basket:

I especially like the lining!

Oh, and last Friday I went round to Yumi's house for a mobile making evening. We had cookies & tea & smoothies and I even had a quick bounce on her TRAMPOLINE! so much fun.
I didn't get around to making a full mobile in the end but I did make a selection of origami birds & this paper ship:

Next week we are going to make sock puppets!!! I can hardly wait.


littlemithi said...

I LURVE your picnic basket ...

and have been thinking about making a sock monkey recently - but a sock puppet will be a GREAT way to ease my way in ;)

eric the bat said...

i want that rabbit thingy!! its really cute!!!

Annalisa Backlund said...

Wow - I just stumbled across this because of the 'this is' game. So excited to see that my bunny has a friend. I like your colours better!