Wednesday, 1 October 2008

stitch 'n' beach

Stitch'n'beach is the name of the knitting group I recently set up for folks in Brighton. My friend Emily suggested the name as the original plan was to meet up on the beach and knit/crochet/get crafty. Unfortunately winter has set in now so the group has been moved inside (but I think the name still works as we are knitting in pubs & cafes that are very near to the beach!)

We had our first official meet-up on Tuesday and it went surprisingly well! We were spotted by a drinkin brighton representative who took our photo and offered to promote the group on their website - very kind indeed.

So if anyone is in the Brighton area and fancies joining in with a bit of knit & crochet then please get in touch!
We're planning to meet every fortnight and our next meet-up will be some time in national knitting week so we'll have to make it extra special.

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