Saturday, 1 August 2009

grey skies & colourful eyes

It was Brighton Pride today. I was proud of myself for only popping out briefly to watch the parade and then returning home to do some work (with a slice of chocolate cake and a cheese & onion pasty under my arm).

Unfortunately, work didn't last long - I felt an illness coming on and got the fear so have taken some preventative pills, crept under my blanket and spent the evening in bed with Columbo. He's not as good as Jonathan Creek...but who is?

Hopefully this cautious behaviour means I will be up with the larks tomorrow and working at double speed (possibly after an early morning trip to the sunday market).

I've also been having a ponder about blogging today. Do I really need 3 blogs? Do I even need one?
I think I might be the only one getting anything out of which case shouldn't I just keep a diary or a sketchbook? (even though my attempts in the past at keeping a diary have always failed miserably after about a day.)

Hmm...I don't know. Maybe I need to go to sleep now.
My throat hurts.


sair said...

I'm ill too! It's a cold or something - my mum was convinced I have swine flu but I do not! It is such a strange time of year to get a cold though isn't it?

As for blogging...I say keep it up. :) X

Blogger said...

i watched some lovely food eating program and ate lovely food that vicky had prepared! and don't forget how influential your blog is debbie!

Unknown said...

yeah, keep your blogs. its becoming a weekend routine to rumble my way through it. so cant get rid of that!!

and sair, get well soon, a lot of people are getting sniffs and coughs, but im sure it will be fine, even if it could be swine.

(see my rhyming skills?! amazing)