Wednesday, 23 September 2009

baking & making

For the first time in ages I've got some free time without the worry that I should be doing MA work. Unfortunately time rich = money poor so I'm trying to be as productive as possible with minimal spending money.

On Sunday I baked a birthday cake (with the guidance of Rosie, as I was fearful of another biscuit style cake disaster). It turned out delightfully though and got eaten within about 5 minutes of being presented, phew! Maybe I'll experiment with my baking abilities this winter. Yesterday I got my hands on a Jane Asher party cakes book which I'm very excited about!

I've also been doing a spot more knitting and am halfway through mitten no.2 - which I'll hopefully finish off tonight. They look a bit like they are custom-made for Barry Manilow's freakishly long fingers but they seem to fit me ok (maybe because I have man-sized hands...)

Nice things have been dropping through my postbox this week too.

Firstly, a lovely gocco print from Jen which I was very excited to be the recipient of. I've hung it up in the kitchen and it's quite a treat. Thanks once again Jen!

And today I received the most pleasing pigeon photograph from Simon. A very sweet treat indeed (especially as I was fearful of my results arriving today).

On Friday I also received an amazingly BIG bunch of flowers (luckily not posted through the door). No one ever gives me flowers so it was a very nice surprise. They are sitting in the kitchen looking impressive.

I feel spoilt.

Especially as I also now have a wii fit to keep me busy. Defined calf muscles here I come! Today it told me I was a muscle legend for doing some lunges (I don't believe it, but it's a good confidence boost). Though it does mean that we'll probably have to keep the curtains in our lounge drawn most of the time from now on for fear of people in the pub seeing us hula-hooping.

A small sacrifice.

I now have an afternoon of invigilating ahead of me. Do pop down if you're around.


Mark P said...

Hey, good work on the sponge cake. I can attest it was very tasty. Thanks for your comment on my stamp collages. If you have a bunch too we should do some swapping and sorting sometime, or just cut them into little pieces.

hellojenuine said...

oh, i just spotted this! so glad you received it, hooray! :)