Thursday, 26 November 2009

storm clouds and sunny skies

Just when we were thinking this house hunt was going to be impossible we stumbled across a spacious palace of a flat around the corner and said yes within the hour.

Quick decisions make me nervous, but then again so does everything, and I feel very sure that this is a good decision.

No more sleepless nights worrying if the storm is going to collapse our roof.
No more wiping my ceiling and walls with a tea towel.
And no more mouldy kitchen cupboards.

New year, new house!

Above are some treats I prepared for Rosie's birthday at the weekend.
A birthday card with help from my favourite new book & a teapot cake (see it post-decoration here).

We had an AMAZING time at lucky voice on Monday, followed by an awful couple of days filled with rain and house viewings (and the aforementioned pigeon incident). Blue skies are here now though, and I hope they're here to stay.

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littlemithi said...

Congrats on the new house ... hope thing take a turn for the better now!