Thursday, 10 December 2009

nearly christmas

Things still to do:
• Hand out my cards.
• Buy presents (I tried yesterday but felt rotten so had to come home to bed).
• Have some mulled wine/cider.
• Eat a pile of mince pies.
• Find some festive cheer.

Things done:
• Heard some carol singers (outside the pub opposite my house yesterday...I'm not sure how well they were received).
• Listened to a christmas cd.
• Made my cards.

Maybe it's time to put on my festive corsage and be merry.


claire platt said...

I like the idea of eating a pile of mince pies! I've only recently (sunday infact!) discovered I like the taste of them finally!

^_^ said...

i have a very long list too. cripes!

d e b b i e said...

It's great when you discover new tastes!
I've recently been getting reacquainted with olives - turns out they're not that bad after all!
Mince pies are all kinds of good though - do enjoy!