Monday, 1 March 2010

British Pie Week

Apparently it's British Pie Week. What a treat!
It turns out Yumi and I were ahead of the times though as we made banoffee pie yesterday. Maybe I should make another today...? Maybe so should you?

I'll leave you with my top 10 favourite pies (for inspiration):
• Pork pie
• Apple pie (with custard)
• Mince pie
• Chicken & gravy pie
• Banoffee pie
• Chicken & red pepper pie
• Blueberry pie
• Fish pie
• Pie chart?
• I've run out of pies...


sarah said...

Some nice pie choices. Pumpkin pie is nice! Also, sweet potato pie sounds nice but not had it. x

claire platt said...

I had no idea it was pie week! Looks like a sign to try out that apple pie recipe of mine that is lying around!

rosie tea said...

WAIT. fish pie definitely has mashed potato on top. cheater.