Tuesday, 3 May 2011

dusty rose

dusty roseirish moss & cable

My Aran inspired cardigan is finally finished and what a treat it is. I followed the same basic pattern as I did for this blue cardigan but changed the pattern panels so that they incorporate some irish moss stitch and some cable stitch - very easy & a lovely finished result.

I also used a cotton-mix wool on this one (old rose) for a more summery feel. It's lovely and soft, but also quite warm, which has been handy over the windy bank holiday.

My intention was to have a break from knitting after finishing this project and I did try...but it turns out I have lost the ability to sit on a sofa without feeling the need to pick up some needles. Is this addiction?

Either way, it has led to a productive weekend of knitting and I have almost finished the back of my next summer cardigan:

blackberry stitch

This one uses blackberry stitch - which is ever so easy. At first I was worried it was going to be a tricky lace pattern which would need all my concentration, but it's the complete opposite, so hopefully I'll be wearing this one soon too. I've gone for short sleeves this time which will be a pleasure rather than a chore.

In other news, I bought 3 loaves of malt loaf today. This is an addiction I can not control.

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Unknown said...

wonderful work dear. i like blackberry stitch - it looks a bit like daisy stitch, but from what you say about it, it must be nicer to do than that.

And do not worry about the addiction. at least it is constructive! much more than my latest addiction of googling for pictures of the royal wedding. bad.