Friday, 1 July 2011


tomato plants (pre-tomato)

My tomato plants are growing rapidly, well, apart from the little one in the middle, but this one has just been re-housed to a bigger pot so it should catch up soon.

I am also re-housing myself this month so soon these plants will have a balcony with a sea view. That should help them grow!


Peas and Needles said...

o poor little middle one! how come your moving? hopefully be joining you soon :)

Cara Edwards said...

aw cute! come on little one! i love watching things grow!

d e b b i e said...

My housemate Rosie is relocating to London, so I have found a place closer to the sea - it's good to make the most out of Brighton!

Yes, please do move here! We can knit together on the beach (or in the pub in the colder months).