Monday, 18 June 2012

let's cook: bigos

For our May instalment of our cooking challenge my mum voted that we should cook up some Bigos (or Polish hunters stew).

I am a big fan of this dish and I am sure to order it every time I visit my favourite Polish restaurant, but I'm ashamed to say I didn't rise to the challenge this month and am yet to produce any stew.

In my defence, there was a bit of a heat wave at the end of May which meant a warm winter stew was not the most tempting idea, but really I have no excuse, as my mum managed to cook up not just one, but two batches during May.

Above is the first of those attempts. Looks tasty...although I would have skipped the mashed potato in favour of some rye bread.

My dad gave this dish 9/10 - a great score (he was especially happy as it was a very meat heavy dish). Good work!
I receive 0/10 for a non-submission. Bad form. I will be sure to make it another time though.

This month we are doing pannacotta (a much more summer friendly dish, and one of my favourites). I'd better pull my finger out and get in the kitchen this time! Watch this space...

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Derek said...

Can you get your mum to cook this again come end of July?