Monday, 1 October 2012

cycling on cliff tops

Yesterday I went on an impromptu cycle ride from Brighton to Eastbourne with some fellow outdoor explorers. 

It was a great adventure on unsuitable bikes! We crossed golf courses, rivers, and harbours and saw a lot of the coast on the way.

I had my doubts we were going to make it at one point when we were climbing up and down the Seven Sisters at dusk, but we made it into Eastbourne in the dark, windswept and celebratory. I think it was harder than the London to Brighton in parts.

I also think there are more than seven sisters... 

Lovely photos by Simon Brice.

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Peas and Needles said...

o these are lovely photos!

One of my new housemates is from Eastbourne! You should come round!

Yes yes to a celebratory drink, text me when you're free! x