Thursday, 3 January 2013

let's cook: chutney (the results)

let's cook: chutney

As I mentioned before the cook-off challenge between me and my mum for November was some festive chutney, to accompany the Christmas cheeseboard.

There were a couple of independent adjudicators this time and the overall consensus (from myself included) was that the Mary Berry recipe that my mum followed was a favourite. The chutney I made was popular but was quite a bit sweeter in comparison, which is better in much smaller portions I think.

When it came to the scores though, we were awarded 8 points each as my mum had a mark docked for unoriginality (she used the recipe I already tried and tested last year). At least none of us had points deducted for lack of meat this time.

I think we might continue this challenge in a less formal format over the next year - setting the task of one thing a month didn't work out too well for us but we both like the friendly competition and the chance to try new things.

But what next?

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