Friday, 31 July 2015

Hanover house numbers

We moved house at the beginning of spring, and now my journey to and from work involves a big hill hike (familiar to a lot of Brighton residents I'm sure). In order to make the hill a bit more bearable and less of a constant climb I started trying out different routes, which often find me winding through the streets of Hanover.

Hanover is one of my favourite areas of Brighton and after living in Hove for a few years it's great to be back in the near-neighbourhood (we are actually even further up the hill!) I love seeing all the brightly painted houses and front doors, and recently I've fallen in love with the great array of house numbers on display.

As a result, I've started a mini photography project to showcase the nice numbers I find (and also to keep me entertained on my commute). I've been uploading them to Instagram under #hanoverhousenumbers if you want to take a peek.

My favourites so far are numbers 7 and 9. In fact, the number 9 was the initial inspiration for the project. Lovely wooden numbering.

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Hannah Taylor said...

I have been really enjoying this project on Instagram. Door numbers are no where near as pretty round my way.