Friday, 23 February 2007

i just couldn't resist

i've been shopping again - tsk indeed - but i had to really as i have signed up for both the coloriffic swap-o-rama and the pack it up small swap this month.

i haven't any pictures to share of things i've bought/made for the swaps yet (they'll be along soon though) but i did manage to accidentally buy some stuff for myself whilst i was shopping, which i will definately share:

^ these pillowcases were 50p each and are so very nice - - -> i am not sure what i am going to use them for yet, maybe some more attempts at purses, or within some illustrations somehow...we'll see. in the same charity shop (which is actually called the charity shop and is the best shop around for rummaging for goodies) i also found this book, for only 50p! i was quite excited when i found it as even though i already have a copy it will make a perfect gift (possibly as part of one of my swaps) as it is delightfully designed. super.

^ i also found these glasses - which were 95p for a pair and are very nice - i'll make sure to post them up in the thrift thursday pool for this week.

^ i got two of these bowls for £1 a while ago now but only just discovered them hidden in my room (i still haven't unpacked all my stuff after moving house, tut) - anyway i thought they deserved some publicity as they are very sweet. perfect for entertaining "crisps or nuts anyone?" heh.

and last but not least i bought this cute little stamper for 50p yesterday:

how sweet!

and here is the stamp it makes: stamp


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