Saturday, 3 February 2007

too much shopping

yes, i have been out spending money again (which is very naughty) but i don't feel quite as bad about spending when i am doing it in charity shops, and here are some of the nice things i've gotten hold of this week:

i bought the lovely pink patterned fabric and the miss muffet doll pattern in barnardos and found the gingham bag in the blue cross shop (what good finds!)...the doll pattern is especially pretty and the colours and patterns used throughout are oh so nice. here are some close-ups:

today i also paid a visit to a monthly craft/antiques market held nearby at the farnham maltings and look look LOOK what i found:

what a terribly nice jam pot. i just couldn't resist. my mum bought a really nice flower patterned plate from the same stall - yum. i am not sure if i will actually use it for jam, maybe i could keep sugar in it? (just to be nonsensical) or maybe some buttons? we'll see...right now i am just happy to have it sitting pleasantly on my windowsill.


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sair said...

umm. guess what i did:$
i found another of those doll patterns in barnardos! i couldn't resist getting it. . . tis so prettty :-) x