Sunday, 13 May 2007

back to school

yesterday i received my formal offer from brighton university for the postgraduate course i applied for (MA Sequential Design & Illustration) - how exciting.
so hopefully i'll be off to live by the sea in september...

the university is tres nice. they have a lovely bookbinding department and hopefully i'll have the chance to learn letterpress when i'm there too.

i have already encountered some wonderful illustrative people who have completed the course previously. the winner of the student category in the 2006 v&a illustration awards - chu-li chen graduated last year from the course so that is quite impressive!

other illustrators to have taken the course include john harrison whose course outcome start a story is an oh so nice set of collaborative projects - my favourite is the flow chart adventure (i submitted my own attempt here) - lovely!
anwen williams also took the course and nowadays she creates lots of lovely badges and illustrations (i love her website) - i am planning to attend this little fair at some point in the next few weeks where she is selling some of her work (amongst other talented people):

so in short, all these lovely illustrators are doing a good job of convincing me that brighton uni is definately the place to be - oh so exciting!



Swarovski beads said...

You sound sold on the course idea already.. What were your other course options?

little miss pea said...

Can I tell you that despite not knowing you, I'm already very excited for you? Because I've all along wanted to do a similar course! Well at least for the illustration part of it. :)

deb said...

thank you for the comments!
swarovski beads - i considered applying to the MA illustration & animation course at kingston university but in the end realised that the sequential course at brighton was where i really wanted to go so just aimed for that.
i am getting more and more excited as september gets nearer, and little miss pea - thank you for the added excitement, and you should definately go for it and do a course too!