Friday, 11 May 2007




i hope everybody had a nice bank holiday weekend - i went to a steam fair!

it was like stepping back in time - there were lots of wonderful rides and a variety of animals around and about. i had a nice cream tea and a jolly good day out. it was also most pleasant to catch up with my friend emma who was down from cardiff for the weekend (i'll be seeing her again soon though at glastonbury - very excited about that!)

here are some nice pictures from our day at the fair:

^ on the carousel - i was riding a chicken.

^ the razzle dazzle - i really loooove the bright colours (i'd like to volunteer to help paint the rides).

^ me on the steam swings.

^ a very pretty horse.

unfortunately the BIG wheel was not there as it was being fixed (a bit of a worry) but i have a some pictures from a couple of years ago that i'd like to share:

^ the view from the top.

i also had my first barbeque of the year at the weekend (hooray to summer!)

here's hoping there are lots more to be had (and lots more pimms to go alongside!)

this week seems to be dragging a bit now. i don't know why as it is shorter than usual, but i've been work work working everyday (and night).
tomorrow i am off to the shops however, so there will surely be another post soon. i've also just done a swap with siming (foolily) so there will be some pictures of that along shortly.

until then, have a nice week/weekend.


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