Wednesday, 27 June 2007

10 good things

the 10 best things about glastonbury

1. bjork & bright eyes & arcade fire (& shirley bassey)

2. being able to wear anything you like without feeling silly (bright orange rain poncho anyone?)

3. exploring the greenfields and disovering amazing things: an ark, seesaws, swinging chairs, giant wicker people...etc

4. lots of different food everywhere you turn: crepes & soup & garlic bread & liquorice & free hare krishna supper.

5. visiting the silent disco and taking your headphones off to hear everyone singing along to nothing.

6. crocheted granny blankets from the oxfam stall

7. watching people roll in the mud (but standing well out of reach)

8. trying to invent new dances where you don't need to move your feet as they are stuck in the mud.

9. everyone in the site cheering when the sun pops out for 5 minutes.

10. spending time with friends & not having to think about work or things that need doing all weekend.

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