Tuesday, 6 November 2007

car boot / bundle of loot

on sunday i popped to the market at brighton station and would you look at what i found:

this little case is soooooo lovely and was only a couple of pounds - i think i'll use it as my school bag this week so it can be seen by many.

i also found a stall that was selling some nice old christmas decorations (which was extra nice as this week i have been feeling v.excited about the fact that christmas is on it's way). i got a whole bundle for £2:

i love the expressions on their faces and their cute hairstyles.
this bird was also in amongst them:

i can't wait until it's time to decorate the christmas tree now (i'm getting a bit ahead of myself i know).



brownie said...

oohhh look at you all blogging all day every day! jolly good stuff, i like to read and look at nice pictures :-D keep it up up up :-) x x x
p.s. how big is that suitcasey thing? i had an image of you struggling with this big case into school! i assume it is a bit littler than that, it is rather nice by the way,

sooziebee said...

Wow, you bargain hunter,how come I can never find anything like this!! Love the decs and the case and also loving the photos of the fireworks! Keep on posting

pouch said...

ooh, we had those decorations when I was a kid!
Great find and like your blog :)