Friday, 9 November 2007


on wednesday i had my letterpress induction at university which was ever so exciting as i've wanted to learn it for ages but have never had the chance. we did a few little experiments with type just to get us used to how it all works.

first each member of the group was asked to compose 2 lines of type just to test it out.
can you spot which one is mine?

then we got to have a little play with some of the ornaments.
i made this:

which i thought looked like an owl:

and finally we had a little cover printed so that we can make a little booklet out of the bits we'd done that day:

so all in all i didn't get to create anything amazingly exciting but now i've had my induction i can go in whenever i want and use the equipment. i think i'll spend a whole day in there next week. i can think of lots of things i'd like to try.


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