Sunday, 16 March 2008

story time

We had a book day at university the other day, which basically involved us each bringing in 6 books we like and then spending some time looking at and discussing what others had brought in. (I took in this & this amongst others).

There was an amazing selection of things to see and by the end of the day I had a huge list of books I wanted to own myself.

One of the books was this - The Happy Hocky Family by Lane Smith.

It's so nice that I couldn't resist buying it straight away.
It's full of very short, rather funny little stories and the illustrations are truly delightful. I especially like the paper used for the pages which I think compliments the imagery perfectly.

so very nice.


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Alison Boon said...

Those illustrations are wonderful, simple and yet very powerful and emotive. Somehow I like them better than a lot of the more sophistcated ones.