Saturday, 25 April 2009

an afternoon in a graveyard

Today I went drawing at Woodvale Crematorium with Yumi. It was very beautiful there - the sun was shining and we saw lots of wildlife (including some butterflies, woodlice & a fox). We weren't very impressed with the pond but we did rather like the wide selection of trees:

The blossom smelt lovely!
Yumi drew some wonderfully colourful flowers & I drew some of the chapel spires which I could see above the tree tops.

Next week we are trying to recruit some fellow cyclists for a trip along the cuckoo trail.


rosie tea said...

cuckoo trail. me.

and lewis.

and picnic.

i dont know many people with bikes....

d e b b i e said...

grand plan! sam might be game too? he has a brand new bike that he may like to show off.
not as much character as tiffany or lionel though i expect.