Wednesday, 8 April 2009


We had an easter party on saturday - it was pretty special indeed!

We made baked goods and hid treats around our flat inside little origami boxes. Some had chocolate eggs inside, some had jokes by me & Yumi, and some had the odd special prize (like a penny).

Here are some of the decorations we made for our house:

The bunting is mainly down to Rosie who did all of the sewing and provided most of the delightful fabric. Though I did use my newly acquired screen printing skills to add the odd chicken into the mix:

I also painted some eggs for the wall:

And found a selection of these paper lanterns in a charity shop in Kemp town which added a nice finishing touch to our lounge:

I think we are going to keep the decorations up for a while now as our house feels a lot more summery and pleasant with them! After all, how can you have a bad day when there's bunting hanging overhead.

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sweetartist said...

I love the screen-printed chicken!