Saturday, 9 May 2009

quiz eubank holiday

My bank holiday weekend included:

• Drinks with an old housemate.
• A new housemate.
• An old man with a fez & a bow tie.
• An afternoon play.
• Adventure golf with the national crazy golf champion.
• Fire & lanterns in the park.
• A trip to the sunday market.
• A vintage car rally.
• Tea & victoria sponge at the Mock Turtle.
• Pub quiz!
• Cycling along the cuckoo trail.
• Three big dogs (and a quick furry hug).
• Lasagne, cheese straws, vegetable pasties, picnic omelette, a tuscan mule, fruit loaf, pineapple.
• & bed.

Only two weeks until another one.

1 comment:

rosie tea said...

I saw quiz eubank today!!

i hid, i was terrified he'd recognise me. he was wearing the same outfit, he really has gone downhill.