Monday, 18 May 2009

sunglasses & cheese

On Sunday we hopped in the van and took a little trip to Middle Farm.

There was running & jumping, some extremely soft lambs, a bit of tree climbing, a very big horse, some terrible cider tasting (& some slightly less terrible), a little bit too much of a donkey, some cheese & chutney buying AND some very big pigs.


rosie tea said...

wow.. that glasses medley looks absolutely amazing.

we have to continue this game..

derek said...

they are one cool dudes!

What Is The Best Price For Bloc Hornet said...

is it me or does the sheep look totally bad ass?

Facebook Design said...

haha this is awesome, farm animals with attitude!

Never seen this done before, very neat idea!

The picture on the right looks cool! and yes the sheep looks bad ass!