Saturday, 20 June 2009

never eat shredded wheat

Yesterday I took Yumi's feng shui advice and slept with my head at the other end of my bed. Apparently having your feet facing south leads to a better night's sleep.
I'm not sure it worked.
I still managed to wake up before my alarm, at 7am, on a saturday! (bad form). I'll try it again tonight though as maybe it takes a bit of getting used to.

Today I am off to the Achromat gallery in Brighton, which is run by my friend Sam. It's exciting & shiny & new & there is a performance on at 2pm! (Do come along if you're around!)

In other news, apparently it was national shades day yesterday. I'm not sure I actually wore my sunglasses during the day but I'll make sure to wear them a lot today to make up for it.


Yumi said...

7am on a saturday debbie! i think you have to rearrange more things in your room.

rosie tea said...

i'm sorry if it was my alarm/rich having heavy boy feet & booming voice (i hope he doesnt read this and think i'm mean)

d e b b i e said...

ha! no, i didn't even hear you guys leave actually!
don't worry on that front.
i suspect my bird clock may be partly to blame though...