Tuesday, 9 June 2009

square one

This last few days I have:

• Finished my mum's blanket.

• Made many cheese straws and eaten almost none quite a few.

• Cried in too many places: in pubs, in cafes, in cars, on peoples shoulders, in front of the man who came to fix the boiler. It really must stop soon.

...or maybe I can find a career that utilizes this newly found skill?

• Walked and cycled and swam and walked and cycled and walked some more (and still found myself waking at 6am).

• Welcomed a cat into my home, and let him leave again (that last bit was hard).

• Made a plan. A plan to stick to.

Now my head feels like my desk looks - a bit messy and mostly empty.
Hopefully next week will be different.

1 comment:

derek said...

when and why did you have a cat?!

you can make salt out of tears. naturally sourced salt....