Friday, 8 January 2010

happy new year

Busy festive times and a new house make for a nice end to the year. We moved house on new years eve which was hectic but pleasing and now we are planning a house warming winter feast - good times!

I've made some new years resolutions which I may or may not keep. We'll see...

• Eat an oyster - DONE! (I did this 3 days early - good work).
• Don't listen to my ipod on shuffle so much. Be more decisive.
• If in doubt, say yes.
• Hold a baby.
• Don't be a grump.

And a couple left over from last year:
• Have a fondue.
• Bash a piƱata.

Hope you've got some good plans for the year too!
I'm sure I'll spring into action once all the snow subsides.

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