Tuesday, 26 January 2010

many many dishes

At the weekend we warmed our flat with a winter food party. There were loads of amazing dishes made by some very talented friends. The highlights included:

• The biggest sushi platter you've ever seen.
• Cookie monster cakes (amazing!)
• The sweetest cake I've ever tasted (decorated in suitable Manicolo style).
• Cupcakes, pasties, quiche, salad and vol-au-vents.
• A LOT of cheese.

There were also some unexpected housewarming presents (thank you!), some impressive dance moves, and the creation of a (now rather busy) height wall. So pop round if you want to have yourself measured...or if you want some leftover cheese or cake.

We still have a lot of eating to do...

1 comment:

Huxley Boon said...

Hey Debbie!

Apologies on not attending your party... It sounds like it went very swimmingly. LOTS OF FOOD = GOOD.
I'm doing well thank you, and you?
Are you attending the Brighton Zine Fest again this year? You should get something together for it, there's a trades-only evening.

ANYWAY, hopefully see you soon.


P.S. The jigsaw looks amazing... can you not re-create the missing piece?