Monday, 12 April 2010

let's swap

On Friday Yumi and I got our Fifty-Two artwork back and decided to do a mini swap on the beach. I ended up with this lovely picture of two seagulls which is now hanging above my desk. It's good to trade!

My brother suggested afterwards that we should maybe organise a BIG art swap on the beach, which is an idea I'm very keen on. I'm picturing a big meet up with picnic snacks and enough swapping so that everyone goes home with a new handmade treasure. Any takers?

I've just spent a large portion of the weekend on the beach which is truly a sign of summer being almost here. We also had the first barbecue of the year (or the decade as derek pointed out!). What a treat!

I think this may actually be my favourite time of year.


^_^ said...

Thats sounds like a marvellous idea, I would love to come :)
Lovely picture too x

Yumi said...

yes big art swap on the beach!

well.illbedarned said...

this is a smashing plan! (and an excellent excuse to come to Brighton too!) summer swapping sur la plage - fabulous!

danielleyc said...

that sounds like a lovely idea :)