Monday, 23 August 2010


knitting patterns

Today I am off work for the first time in a while. I have many errands to run, which include getting hold of some wool for my next knitting project. First I have to pick which pattern to follow though...

I got all these for 10p each at my FAVOURITE charity shop. It's in Farnham and is simply called The Charity Shop. It's so cheap and full of gems, and my favourite bit is walking through the kitchen towards the back room and trying to work out which of the cups and plates are for sale, and which are for the shop volunteers to use on their tea break.

The haphazard shops are the best.


claire platt said...

yay for 10p knitting patterns! i just found a bunch too! They all look wonderful although I am rather drawn to the stripey one!

Yumi said...

don't forget to get some clip on earings to match

Silver Strands said...

I desperately need to learn how to knit. Can't believe I still don't know how!

Your blog is lovely, so glad I stumbled upon it!