Sunday, 22 August 2010

spring summer autumn winter

All week it has felt like autumn is here and this weekend is no exception. I even bought some new boots on a whim because I felt like the season was upon us.

Yesterday I went to the Brunswick Festival and ate some amazing apple and blackcurrant cake. I was really tempted to buy the chocolate and courgette cake but was wary that it might be a bit odd (has anyone tried this combination?).

And guess what!? I held a baby!!! Lucianna bought Jemima along and she had the cutest little laugh and the smallest of feet. Some of you might remember that this was one of my new years resolutions (yes, that's strange I know). She was squirmy (because she was hungry) but such a sweet one, and Emily presented her with her new cardigan. Very skilled knitting there!

After the main event the rain hit so we took shelter in the pub, which led to the appearance of crochet and knitting and made it feel even more like a wintery sunday afternoon. Nice and cosy though.

In other news, my friend Alex has written a book. He's a very talented man.


Claire said...

Hope you enjoyed the festival! I ended up with a 50pence potplant for my desk and we were chased around a bit by the samba band (they had an incredibly flamboyant and brilliant orange-trousered drummer in their midst who made me smile).

hellojenuine said...

i held a baby this week! for the first time ever. she was lovely & she apparently smiled a lot, which was a major compliment, babies generally scare me. very glad that i didn't break her.
that cardigan your friend made is beautiful!

also, i've had courgette cake (though with no chocolate), it was really nice. i was wary but pleasantly surprised.

d e b b i e said...

Wow! I'm glad you were in the same boat Jen. I thought I was the only one who'd never held a baby. The thought of it made me feel very nervous before.

Oh, and on your advice I'll make sure to buy the courgette cake next time i see some! I've had beetroot brownies and they were amazing (although beetroot is far sweeter than courgette!).

And the festival was grand thanks Claire! The samba band was very loud! I'll keep my eyes peeled on your site for more fun things to do (I went to Boho Gelato at the weekend too - GREAT!).

Anonymous said...

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Claire said...

So glad you liked it - I looked suspiciously at the olive oil flavour, but went with birthday cake in a fit of safety.

Claire said...

(what did you go for?_