Friday, 15 October 2010


one week

I've been inspired by Sandra Juto and have taken up a neck worm style project so I can have a break from knitting complex patterns.

I've given myself the rule that I have to change colour every day so the finished piece will end up being a bit like a knitting diary. The sequence above shows a week's work. I expect my progress to slow a bit from now on.

...especially now I have a proper job. Career woman.


peas and needles said...

i love this Deb! so pretty! I was thinking of doing the same kind of thing, maybe I should finish the 2 crochet blankets I have on the go.

WHere you working now?
Hope you're well xx

d e b b i e said...

Thanks Lucy!

I'm trying to keep a few projects on the go now to avoid boredom so I'd definitely recommend you starting a new one - it is almost winter time after all.

I'm working at the same place but am now a proper employee rather than freelance (this means holiday pay!!). I still have Fridays off for arts and crafts though.

How's the greeting cards business treating you?

peas and needles said...

ooo im very jealous of your 4 day week, one day i will get there! maybe some time next year!

Cards is still going well. Xmas 2011 here I come! yikes.

Think I'll start a new scarf. Sounds like a good idea! x

little l said...

AMAZING idea. I love love love it.

Emilia said...

what a grand idea!!! I like this very much. x
Sorry i missed out on knitting last night. i have started a new project. it's nice when that happens.
see you soon deb,
emilia. xxxxxxx

Yumi said...

nice animation debbie. you have many skills and a great career.

Rosie Slade said...

A knitting diary! What a great idea!

sarah said...

I love this also! Where do you get your wool? I want some really chunky wool that is good quality but not expensive.

Congrats on permanent employment ;-)


claire platt said...

love the idea - sometimes you just need to knit to relax without all the counting!
am even more inlove with your animated diary! amazing!