Sunday, 3 October 2010



I've just finished knitting my first jumper. I'm not sure about the sleeves on this one yet (although I'm sure they'll grow on me) but I think the lacy pattern looks pretty grand.

Next on the cards (or the needles): some warmer winter projects and treats for christmas.

I'm going to try and have both a crochet and a knitting project on the go from now on so I can pick and choose. I also need to do more reading. This is a must.


Emilia said...

this is wonderful! grand job deb - it was worth the effort. I have had to order another ball of wool so delay in finishing mine... bring on the winter woolies though! I like your resolutions. knit+crochet+reading=happy and fulfilled life. i am going to start Alex's book tomorrow, while i'm waiting for the wool.
see you soon pip.
pop. x
ps. sorry if this message is a little facebook. i forget what is what.

Make handmade said...

Love it....