Monday, 22 November 2010



Tonight I made some stained glass biscuits for Rosie (a birthday treat). It wasn't my most successful baking venture - only about 50% of them made it off the baking tray in one piece and the recipe was lacking in flavour (not enough ginger, not enough orange, not enough sugar), but they look pretty. Nicely coloured windows.

I also got the glass piece back that I assembled on White night. Not bad at all for a bit of late night crafting. I like the shapes.

In other news, thanks to Lyzi & Deborah for their kind posts about my blog.


little l said...

You're very welcome. How are these "glass biscuits" made? Is it something to do with boiled sweets? x

Yumi said...

i like the stained glass biscuit and stained glass flowers very much debbie. well done. x