Wednesday, 1 December 2010



It's the first day of advent today (I had a Santa-shaped chocolate for breakfast) and it definitely feels a lot like Christmas - much snow! It's a shame I don't work far enough away to get a day off for sledging but I'm looking forward to my walk to work'll give me time to finalise my playlist for this month's mixtape.

I've been finding it really hard to do anything other than huddle under a blanket in the evenings this week. It's tough having a fridge for a house. It has given me time to finish off my cardigan though. Now all that is left is to find and sew on some buttons and it'll be ready to go. I need all the warm winter knits I can get at the moment.

Next task: Very warm socks (& possibly more scarves for cats).


Emilia said...

I love this picture! I love a scarf for a cat.
Hope you are keeping warm dear. xxx

Flame said...

Pretty cat. Is it all black?

d e b b i e said...

thank you. Yes he is all black! And has a matching brother in tow: