Friday, 25 November 2011

festive snacks

mince pies chutney

I made some mince pies last night for our knitting meet-up. Yum yum!

I also made some chutney this week, which should be ready just in time for christmas. I'm hoping for a nice taste. The process of making it left my flat smelling quite strongly of vinegar which doesn't fill me with high hopes.

I used this recipe but left out the coriander seeds (yuck!) and one of the red peppers, as when I cut it open I found a moth living inside it (a MOTH!!). Horrible.

I'll let you know the results come Christmas time! I'm looking forward to a nice cheese board.


sarah said...

I bought one of those jars in Robert Dyas this week! Nice pies. x

claire platt said...

The vinegar smell is terrible! I made pickled cabbage this week and had a similar lingering smell, I find it reassuring that your vinegar smell lingered like mine - we must have done it right!

p.s the pies look awesome!

Unknown said...

lovely mince pies dear - i was inspired and have some in the oven as i write!! 6 minutes more.

also, i saw in the supermarket that there is chocolate mincemeat - i stuck with traditional for now - but this must be tried i think! xx

Blogger said...

mince pie!