Saturday, 28 January 2012


mini meringues

To encourage ourselves to make some new food items this year, my mum and I have made a pact to both make something new each month - a cook-off challenge of sorts. This month: meringues.

I was a bit slow off the starting blocks but managed to get my act together on Friday evening and make some of these mini candy-striped meringues following the recipe from this book (a kind birthday gift from Derek).

I wasn't quite prepared for how long it would take me to whisk up the egg-whites - my hand blender kept overheating so I had to alternate between electric and muscle power - but the results were favourable, if not entirely uniform. Crispy on the outside and chewy on the inside. Derek even gave them a 10 out of 10. (He likes to eat everything though so may not be the best food critic.)

meringue & mouse

My mum sent me some pictures of her attempts at the meringue. Slightly less successful than mine I'm afraid, and I'm not sure she would appreciate me sharing the results with the public. Maybe just a small picture though, because it made me chuckle:

Sorry mum!
I don't think they were at all edible in the end...but it's still January so there is still time for another attempt! And for February, I think we are going to try scotch eggs. I haven't made one since my first term at secondary school so it will be a good challenge. Has anyone got any good recipes they can share?


Blogger said...

Who's that? Tiffin?

Agnieszka said...

oh, they look so yummy

d e b b i e said...

That's Raul. I think he was confused.

dropstitch said...

Your mum's meringues made me chuckle. Not to rub salt in the wound for your poor mum, but your stripy ones look amazing.

rosie tea said...

really really good debs! and what a fun little challenge that is!

lyzi said...

Cutest meringues I've ever seen! x