Saturday, 17 March 2012

move over Mr. Kipling


Last night I attempted to make Battenberg cake for this month's cooks challenge.

Unfortunately, it did not go so well for me this time. It turns out a pink cake mixture does not necessarily make for a pink cake. The first batch I made was very subtle in colour so I wasn't incredibly surprised when it came out of the oven looking identical to the uncoloured half, but then I made a second batch and added much more pink food colouring - still no luck.

pink cakes
Take 1: slightly pink.                                                     Take 2: VERY pink.

I've since done some research and it looks like red food colouring is the way to go in order to achieve a perfectly pink cake. I think I'll have a second try next weekend.

In the meantime I had a lot of sponge to use up so made some mini cake slices with jam filling. The white iced ones have almond sponge and the pink iced ones are the 'supposed-to-be-pink' sponge.

Tasty. But not what I'd planned. Maybe my mum will win this month...

mini slices

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Jen Collins said...

looks like a delicious accident! good luck for take two.