Thursday, 26 April 2012


cherry blossom picnics

On Saturday I arrived back in England after two weeks in Japan. It was such a great trip and we crammed in so much. Too much for me to describe.

The cherry blossom was in full bloom when we arrived and there were lots of people celebrating with picnics under the trees both in Tokyo and in the countryside.

cat cafe
sake & a sit down

We visited shrines at Kamakura and cycled around Hiratsuka in the sunshine. And when a rainy day came along we took the opportunity to visit one of Tokyo's cat cafes (one of my top goals!)

In the second week we took a 24 hour ferry ride (possibly the lowlight of the trip?) to the Ogasawara islands where we snorkelled with tropical fish and saw whales and turtles.

chichijima ogasawara

The residents of the island waved us off in incredible style when it was time to leave the island! They were so lovely.

ogasawara send-off

Of course, the no.1 highlight was seeing Yumi after such a long time. It was a shame it didn't last longer - I don't think I've been on a better holiday!

Now I keep thinking about snorkelling trips...


Blogger said...

Thanks for visiting Debbie! Such wonderful two weeks!

Unknown said...

such lovely pictures - i can't wait to see your album! what a very grand adventure to have.