Friday, 4 May 2012

let's cook: samosas


This month my mum and I made samosas as part of our monthly cook-off.

I enjoyed this challenge a lot: my favourite part was folding and filling the pastry pockets. We both made the pastry ourselves and the general consensus was that we would probably opt for shop bought pastry next time (the result just wasn't quite spot on).

samosa process

There was a bit of inconsistency with the temperature of the oil as I fried my batch, so some turned out golden brown and smooth, and others (when the oil was hotter) ended up slightly bubbly and uneven on the outside.

The overall result was good though, and they provided a lunch time snack for half of the week. I even embraced the curry taste. (It's not one of my favourite flavours).

And my mum embraced the hot oil frying this time (after avoiding it with the oven-baked scotch eggs) and hers came out just as well:

I didn't get to try these unfortunately. One day we'll have to arrange it so that we get to taste test at the same time.

And the scores on the doors from our food critic (my dad):

Mum: 8/10
Debbie: 7/10

Apparently we both got 2 points deducted because there was no meat in them (!?). I think we need a better judge.

Next month we are going for to cook bigos, which I believe is the Polish national dish. One of my favourites!


Unknown said...

good work deb, i do quite enjoy a samosa - and think a bubbly crust is quite nice!

I have a recipe for bigos if you need one. i think it takes many days though. but worth it!

See you soon because it's now the bank holiday! xxx

Jen Collins said...

these look delicious! i'm really enjoying seeing the results of your cook-off.