Monday, 9 June 2014


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I've been taking a film camera on some of my trips for the last year or so, which I enjoy a lot as it encourages me to be very pretty selective about the photos I take - the 'every photo is important' mentality. I also like the fact that when I get a film developed it tends to include a collection of outings, sometime spanning seasons, with photos cropping up that I've almost forgotten I took.

The only downside is that my photojournalism ends up being several months out of date by the time I have the photos back, which sometimes puts me off sharing them with the world.

I couldn't resist sharing these photos though - look at the little lambs! I took them back in April when Ben and I went to Coombe's farm to see the lambing.

I can't say I 100% enjoyed the whole experience (there was the odd moment when I felt like the sheep might be having a better time if they didn't have 50 adults and children crowded round them) but we got to see two tiny lambs take their very first steps, which was definitely a treat.

They're probably huge by now!

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Unknown said...

I love these photos. I too miss the excitement of going to collect my developed photos. We visit many farms these days. It's one of our main activities, so maybe we will check this farm out.