Tuesday, 3 July 2007

counting coins

i want a piggybank

1. Piggy Bank, 2. Piggy bank from Hungary, 3. Piggy Bank, 4. DSC_2338, 5. 42-16219376, 6. Piggy bank, 7. Piggy bank family, 8. nice.STO299Portfolio.015, 9. Piggy Bank

i have decided that i really want a nice little piggybank to save my pennies in. not one with a plastic stopper in the bottom, but one i will have to smash open to get to my money - that way I'll definitely not spend any until it's all full.

the hunt is on!

i did actually find one whilst out shopping the other day but it had a scary look to it and i just didn't like the idea of having something creepy sitting on my shelf staring at me (though at least i would have had no problem when it came to smashing it to bits).

these thoughts of piggy banks have come from my need to spend less money (especially as I am saving to move to brighton) and i am really trying to watch what I spend at the moment - i am going to try not to buy anything unnecessarily expensive for the month of july and will try and stick to charity shops and sales for things i don't really need (like crafting supplies, clothes,etc).
i'll keep you posted about how i'm getting along...

what did i buy today?

• softmints (naughty but i needed to but something at the petrol station so i wouldn't feel so guilty about just going in to use the toilet)
vanilla sky soundtrack - £2 from the charity shop (good buy!)
• revels - 45p from the vending machine at work (v.bad, but i blame sally for tempting me)

...and that is all. not too bad but i do need to cut down on sweets & chocolate purchases it seems.


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Anonymous said...

surely, one of these lovelies are for sale? they look too precious to be smashed apart tho