Sunday, 1 July 2007

i wish i could...

( skirts by emily, sugarmouseface & hannah )

lately i've been feeling a bit fed up with buying clothes from the high street - they are often very overpriced and everyone ends up wearing the same thing. i also hate it when i stop and think about what i'm wearing and realise most of my outfit was purchased from the same store.
i don't normally manage to find much in the way of nice clothes in the local charity shops so have decided the only way forward is to try and make my own clothes. I have been inspired by lots of wonderful handmade skirts spotted online (such as those above) and would love to be able to make something similar. unfortunately i am a bit useless in the (neat) sewing department. in the past i have had a few attempts at making/altering skirts - most of which have failed (i may share the pictures one day soon), but i feel just about ready to have another bash at it now.

all i need is a good tutorial.
i have bought a couple of sewing patterns from charity shops before but i find it hard to know where to start with them (they are a tad confusing).

so, if anyone knows of any handmade skirt tutorials to be found on the web then it would be great to hear from you.

and then i will get to work and make a skirt that is actually wearable (i hope).


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