Saturday, 14 July 2007

wreck this

my new book

just LOOK what dropped through my door the other day (from amazon) - alongside the arcade fire albums there was this amazing book by the ever so creative & talented keri smith.

It is such a lovely idea for a book - you have to follow the instructions on each page which literally tell you different ways to trash the book.
i was very hesitant about starting it at first but i'm in full flow now. i am working through it in page order (as i am a little bit on the anal side) and here are some photos of what i've done so far:

what fun! and i have also found a flickr group dedicated to the book and other people's attempts at wrecking it - which i like a lot as it's great to see what other people have done for each page and the different approaches taken.

so, i'd recommend all of you to buy a copy of the book (it's not very pricey) and then let me know how you get on.


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derek said...

it is a very cool book indeed, have you make more mess with it since the last time i saw it?

i know a certain someone would like that for their birthday.