Monday, 9 June 2008

book fair

Just an update to let you know how I got on at the recent Press & Release artists book fair in Brighton. I held a stall there with a group of friends from my MA course so we had quite a wide selection of books & ephemera for sale which I think was a good plan. I made some books & cards & stickers:

I wasn't sure how popular the fair was going to be, or what kind of crowd it was going to attract, so I went down the small & inexpensive pathway (as there are oh so many students in Brighton) and I did quite well. I managed to sell quite a lot of items and I even sold one of my books to a representative from the Tate library. This means that in a few weeks time my book will have been catalogued and will be part of the Tate Artists' books collection. Exciting news!

The books I made were based around the topic of collective terms for animals as I found a lot of the names were quite interesting & often a bit bizarre (e.g. a parcel of penguins). I created 4 different mini-books - jellyfish, magpies, snails & mallards - all using a variety of illustration techniques, and I packaged them up with a gift card & some stickers. Here are some spreads from the books:

I think this is a series I'm going to try and add to over time as I really enjoyed illustrating the animals and there are a lot more interesting collective terms to explore. In fact a lot of people didn't believe that they were real terms and thought I'd made them up.

Now I'm considering listing some of the left over items from the book fair in my etsy shop, but I'm not sure how well they would sell on etsy - any opinions? Thanks in advance.


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Feltbug said...

I love the alphabet stickers and that is so cool about the Tate! Was that a pigeon on your head or was I dreaming? :)