Sunday, 29 June 2008

this is my favourite thrifted item...'s my pigeon hat of course!

Here's my entry for this weeks 'This Is...' topic. It's a recent buy (in fact I've only recently posted about it) but I am such a fan of pigeons and have already got a lot of usage out of it (people may start calling me a crazy pigeon lady soon). But it is a great fancy dress item & makes me smile.

I picked it up for £2 at snoopers paradise in Brighton. It's really meant to be used as a hunting decoy I think but the fact that it fits perfectly on my head proves it was meant to be!

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Pherenike said...


.girl ferment. said...

That makes me giggle. That fact you thought to put it on your head and call it a hat is quite creative.
Thanks for making me smile.