Wednesday, 18 June 2008

odds & ends

I seem to be posting quite often at the moment (I have a lot to say!) so I thought I'd get up to date and post some of the stuff I've been meaning to share for the past week or so.

Firstly, the promotional postcard for my MA course show from the students who are leaving this year. The end of year exhibition is in September so I know it's a while away now, but I thought it was best to promote nice and early - I'll give a little reminder nearer the time I'm sure.

What's next...oh yes! I got a bike at the weekend!!!!! I've been borrowing Derek's bike for the past few months and he finally took it back so I had to go on a bike hunt. It's a very nice bike, although a tad creaky and squeaky. I think that gives her character though.

Here's a nice sugar pot I bought in the flea market the other day:

And finally, I've been having a go at drawing with paper:

Most pleasing!


littlemithi said...

Am liking the collagy pictures very much :)

Anonymous said...

think you should get a helmet also....its safe and you can paint it