Monday, 20 July 2009

quiet weekend

Sometimes it's quite nice not to do much at all.
This weekend I didn't really leave the house (apart from when I went to had to buy jaffa cakes from the corner shop).
On Saturday Rosie brought home a GIANT world map so we gathered together all our postcards and spent some of Sunday morning playing with little red dots and thread. It's looking good!
But we need more --> if you send us a postcard we'll be ever so pleased.


Camilla said...

Do I still have your address I wonder? I'm off to Finland in a couple of weeks so I shall send you one from there if you email me your address.

Jeni Baker said...

Love the postcard map! That's a really great idea. I love collecting postcards, I may have to make one of those some day! :)

d e b b i e said...

oh, that would be amazing!
We haven't got one from Finland yet.
Thanks Camilla - there's an email coming your way

rosie tea said...

haha... i photographed the map and the bird lamp this morning too for the blog. i will construct a different viewpoint, perhaps.

p.s. i just fed basket my leftover tuna, he ran to it like it was christmas!

Anonymous said...

hmmmm - i will look for your address. or email me - i'll be glad to send you a card from kansas....