Monday, 14 June 2010

sporting events

Rosie and I have to cycle 54 miles in 6 days. This is a worry as I have mainly been picnicking and not training of late.

Today, in an effort to make up for some of my lazy habits, I'm going to do a Wii fit muscle workout and hope it doesn't give me massive leg ache. On the positive side, I have some new (sort of) trainers, a cycling helmet which I'm sure makes me go faster, and I have my heart set on making sure I get my medal at the end.

This weekend I also embraced the world cup and made myself a D.I.Y. football kit, joined in with the naked cycle ride (I cheated and stayed in my dress), and had a knitting session on the beach. Lovely.

Before the bike ride, the SAME MAN from last year asked if I wanted to take his photo again! Really weird. I told him I didn't have a camera.

This was a lie.

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hellojenuine said...

i love your diy england badge.
i sure hope that naked chap doesn't ask you again next year.